SKLITAKLING: Vi Har Hørt Det Før Del 1: 7”

May 15, 2023

Sklitakling has the perfect sound for a killer outdoor summer party playlist, or as background music for a night out with friends. You can’t help being pumped up by the energy of their sound. Vi Har Hørt Det Før Del 1 features a pair of fun little jams from this Bergen, Norway-based garage rock quartet. “Søster” features a great amount of guitar noodling, making it my favorite of the pair of tracks, but “Naturlig” has the singalong parts to fire up the crowd, assuming you know the language and the lyrics, of course. You can’t go wrong either way, and I fell increasingly in love with Sklitakling after repeat listens. –Paul J. Comeau (Back To Beat,

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