SKITCHERS, THE: Gleam another Cube: CS

Mar 25, 2020

This record sounds like you’re at a house show and a skate punk band is in an adjacent room. I mean that in the best possible way. I adore house shows. It’s bass-heavy and fast with swirling guitar solos. The album title appears to reference a cryptic question—“Have you ever gleamed inside a cube?”—that Garry Scott Davis asked Neil Blender in an interview in the December 1983 issue of Thrasher magazine. Later in a film of the same name, Christian Slater’s character defines “gleaming the cube” as “pushing your limits to the edge.” This album doesn’t push limits as much as it’s an homage to the skate or die mentality. “Skate or Die” being an alternate name for the reference film, this album title essentially breaks down to “Peep Inside Our Skate or Die Cassette.” In “Not Me” they declare that they will not live a life just to go to school, get a job, and pay bills. I particularly enjoyed the angsty use of “ugh!” in “Feelings,” where similar bands might use “woahs.” “Skate Till I’m Dead” is their longest original song on this record, clocking in at 1:36, and exemplifies the mood of the record by finding four different ways to say “skate or die.” –Lorien Lamarr (Poopstick,