SKISM: Capitol Lies: CD

Jul 20, 2022

New York street punk with a nice, crunchy feel to it, and decent enough tunes that you don’t feel like you’re being held hostage by some random loudmouth while he yells his half-formed dumbass worldviews in your face, which is what street punk often feels like to me. The singer doesn’t sound like he’s fully comfortable with singing in the studio yet, and I’m not so sure I’m on board with their cover of “Runaround Sue” (shouldn’t there be a chord change in the bridge?), but, just when you start to think that maybe you’ve heard it all before, from completely out of left field, they pound you upside the head with “You,” which sounds like the kinda ’70s bovver boy lost junkshop stomper that Jason at Just Add Water Records would be falling all over himself to reissue if he found it on a fifty-year-old single at the Utrecht Record Fair. Like, how the fuck did these guys suddenly turn into the Hammersmith Gorillas? Cool fuckin’ song, interesting band. BEST SONG: “You.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Join the Hate Club.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: I’m pretty sure the lyric sheet is the first place where I’ve ever seen the phrase “make ends meats” in print. Is that like when you go to a barbecue joint and order the burnt ends?–Rev. Nørb (Rotten Bastard,

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