SKIP CHURCH: Out of Tune, In Touch with the Devil: LP

Nov 22, 2017

I wonder if “Skip Church” is a command, or if it’s supposed to be a guy’s name, like “Pablo Cruise.” In any event, these Chicagoans appropriate the deliberate, bulldozing, mixed-gender style of NYC’s Little Killers (minus the hot-shit guitarist, although they try) to fine effect, although their innate flightiness prevents them from going for the throat like a buncha bloodthirsty heathens as often as one might like to see. Still, I gotta admit that I looked up from whatever it was I was doing midway through the second number, when that “DID YOU GET THE MESSAGE FROM ME?? DID YOU GET THE MESSAGE FROM ME??” part came on. By the middle of the second side, things veer a bit more towards that kind of Hozacky pop that ruled the roost in the earlier portions of this decade, but, either way this is kind of a band to watch. Whether that means watching from in front of the stage or way in the back by the bar and coat check remains to be fully divined. BEST SONG: “The Message.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Greenies.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Liner notes advise “Be good. Watch out for trolls.” ¬–Rev. Nørb (Randy,