Mar 22, 2017

I’ll save you a stupid joke about how this is the only diet I’ve ever stuck with and get to it; this band is important. Loud, full, staticky-yet-borderline-melodic, ass kicking London punk by three women of color who are all younger than I. (And I’m still on my parent’s health insurance.) Political, radical, and strong, Skinny Girl Diet fight white patriarchy, systems of oppression, show bros, fuck boys, creepers, and stereotypes of WOC in the music world, with crashing drums, raw screams, and droning guitars. This album captures the rage women and femmes are conditioned not to display. The anger that boils in you when men stand a little too close, stare a little too long, or shout to you from their cars. The fury fueled by being groped at a show, followed to your car, or being physically boxed out of a space. This album is for every time a man has cut you off with an, “Uh, well,” or talks over you with an “Actually…” After a few listens, you begin to hear the sheer craft and mastership working hard behind the initial noise wash. Heavy Flow is an ungentle reminder that femme-shaming isn’t punk. Starting an intersectional feminist rock band with your sister and cousin at age twelve is. –Griffin Wynne (HHBTM)