SKETCHY TRENCH: Born in a Ditch: CD

Mar 17, 2021

This band is an unrelenting force that charges straight out of the gate from the very first song and never lets off the gas. And that’s the other thing; this band has some real hooky hooks. A lot of the songs are centered around living life for yourself and the struggles of being human. I really enjoy the whole record and, honestly, I’m not super big on skate punk. I tend to get bored with the drumming being all hi-hat and snare as fast as possible. But that’s not the case here. The drumming is at a constant breakneck speed, though they also know when to hold back for a measure or two and let the melodies breathe. I really super like the song “Evaporative.” It’s got interesting chord progressions and asynchronous harmonies between the guitar and vocals. The guitar(s) keeps the rhythm going and the vocals build in an anticipatory manner, till we get to some piercing leads towards the end. I think this band really breaks out of that well-worn pop punk mold designed by the Ramones and Lookout! Records. If you need something to pump you up and say “FUCK YEAH” to the day, snag up this record. –Kayla Greet (Beefcake / Merch Vandal)