SKEEZICKS: Skeezicks Discography 1985-1987: 2 x LP

Sep 22, 2023

This might be the most comprehensive discography of a German band I never knew existed. But this is how we learn, kids. SkeeZicks were one of the first German bands playing SST-style USHC, and they recorded forty-two demos/tracks (!!!). It’s just bonkers how prolific they were in their short-lived stint, playing in the punk trenches alongside other German bands Spermbirds and Unwanted Youth. Recordings are succinct, clear, and crisp. Cover art is by Brian Walsby, which was originally used on their 1986 EP There’s a Charlie Brown in Everyone of Us—which is a Charlie Brown/Suicidal Tendencies rip-off logo, and doesn’t scream hardcore—so when I put this on I was pleasantly surprised they ripped. The included booklet is pretty impressive, printed on glossy paper with band photos, flyers, and interviews about the band, which added to its exhaustive recollection of all things SkeeZicks. –Camylle Reynolds (Refuse)

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