SKATING WITH SHES AND HERS #3, $10, 7” x 8½”, glossy printed, 22 pgs.

Apr 10, 2019

Third volume of a project with the goal to talk to every female or genderqueer skater whose session overlapped with the author’s. Skateboarding can be a very cisgender male-saturated environment, and this series of zines sets out to interview, photograph, and connect with different lady and non-binary skaters, talking to them about their experiences, how long they’ve been skating, advice for new skaters, and what they love about skateboarding. The accompanying photos show the faces of smiling shredders, some in action, and some posed with their boards. As a beginning skater myself, I know all too well how alienating going to a skatepark can be, and this zine was an inspiring and motivating discovery. Keep ripping it up! –Tricia Ramos (Skating With Shes And Hers, [email protected])