SKATE FATE #77, $19, 8” x 10”, perfect bound, 160 pgs.

Sep 22, 2022

The first issue of Garry Scott Davis’s Skate Fate since 1991! This issue serves as a retrospective of all the letters G.S.D. got during the zine’s initial ten-year run, including trinkets, photos, flyers, and doodles that came along with those letters. Some of these letters come from well-to-do’s in the skateboarding community like Steve Caballero, Neil Blender, Mofo, Kevin Staab, and Stacy Peralta. The letters from Peralta are surprisingly very funny. He even sent Davis a very tongue-and-cheek, but very official-looking cease and desist letter. Gavin O’Brien from the Faction was a constant letter writer. It was cute reading what records he was currently digging and all the little doodles he would surround the letter with. I had to skip some of the letters because the scribbles were just too hard to read. I wouldn’t expect skaters from the 1980s to have beautiful penmanship. The photos and flyers are cool as well, and will probably take an older skateboarding enthusiast back to simpler and less convenient times. It’s a great package and it makes me want to seek out some of the older issues. –Rick V. (

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