SKAPPOSITORY / SCUM SHOTS: DCxPC Live Presents Volume 16: LP

Mar 19, 2024

This is the sixteenth release in DCxPC’s Live Presents series. Longtime readers know how much I love this label, so I won’t dwell on that too long. I wasn’t sure what to expect from Long Island’s Skappository—I’m admittedly, not the biggest ska fan—but I was pleasantly surprised. They have a ton of energy, and even when they do mellow out for a few bars it lasts just long enough for the listener to catch a breather before kicking back up again. Scum Shots on the B side have a similar amount of energy, but a much different sound. The Staten Island-based garage rockers create a raucous wall of noise that only slightly conceals an impressive amount of melody in each track. The furious opener “Road Rash,” is followed by a bit more subdued and introspective “2 AM.” The rest of the set winds up and down in emotional and musical intensity from track to track, and sometimes within the same song. While both bands absolutely brought it on this recording, it was Scum Shots who won it for me. –Paul J. Comeau (DCxPC, [email protected],

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