SIX CENTS: Sacramento County: LP

Jul 21, 2023

For those of you who didn’t get quiteenough of this ’90s hardcore band on their somewhat recent Welcome to the Wonderful World of Poisonous Non-consumables, Flying Drops, Sudden Stops and Blood Coated Cops! The Original Recordings album and lay awake at night thrashing about in agonized torment because you had never heard their final 1997 recording project (heretofore unreleased), I am pleased to report that you’ll sleep like a fucking baby tonight as said recording comprises the first side of this record and your quarter-century of existential misery is now over. If, by some strange quirk of fate, you weren’t looking forward to hearing their final 1997 recording project, the other half of the record is live recordings, so perhaps you can wring some joy from that instead. Lots of mile-a-minute stuff here, plus a few songs with ska leanings that foreshadow future projects. Once in a while you get a tasty Karl Alvarez-esque bassline for good measure. The Billy Joel cover would be great, but apparently singing is hard. Ah well, like Megadeth said, “Six Cents... But Who’s Buying?” BEST SONG & SONG TITLE: “Headache.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Inscriptions in the dead wax read “Burrito... Spaghetti!!” and “He Who Shall Be Named... ‘The Inferno’.” –Rev. Nørb (Pete’s 9mm Rec Hords)

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