SISTER SUZIE: Don’t Want To: 7” EP

Jan 05, 2022

We start off with a sleepy, yet rockin’, blues track which really caught my attention with the lyrics: “we refuse to spend our whole lives / lining someone else’s pockets while we try to survive.” I’m always here for a song about class war. The singer kinda croons over the track, nearly a speaking tempo, and it drips with not-fucking-around attitude. On the B-side they immediately whip into a frenzy of punk rock’n’roll à la Neighborhood Brats. While I love listening to bands take capitalism to task, that second track “Claws” is easily my favorite of the EP. By the closing track, they’ve slow down again, but throw in some guitar solos and sharp leads. It’s a song that just inspires the hips to shake and toes to tap. –Kayla Greet (Reta)