Aug 01, 2019

I would like to start this review off by personally apologizing to the band and the label because I reviewed this like four months ago, but my computer crashed and I lost the review. That being said, I would have just let this float off into Razorcake-obscurity if I didn’t really like it. This is really awesome metallic rock-inspired punk. They hit a good stride when they put in those Richmond-style drum beats, but I really dig the rock’n’roll aspects of this. The riffs are cool without being overplayed and the vocals have zero posturing. This is a band that would be just as at home on a punk gig, hardcore gig, or a metal gig. I’d call out a specific song as a hit, but, hell man, they’re all rippers. Denim jackets and sick riffs. Smoke a bowl and rock’n’roll, you feel me? –Ian Wise (Vinyl Conflict,