SINGLES, THE: Sweet Tooth: CD

Sep 20, 2017

I wish I could just write “holy fuck this is great, just buy it,” but I feel like that would be doing The Singles a disservice. They remind me a lot of White Lung, The Vicious, and Arctic Flowers but a little slower and more rock’n’roll. Admittedly, that’s what I’ve been listening to a lot lately so it may color my review more that it should. But they’re certainly post-punky with an emphasis on pre-punk (is that a thing?) influences. Let’s throw a little bit of Terrible Feelings in as well. I just love the vocal effects. It sounds as if the singer had to take a few steps back from the mic ‘cause her voice is so robust that it might be too much for the sound system to handle. Think Gaslight Anthem’s The59 Sound, only way better and stripped of the dripping Americana. Pretty songs about relationships that make for a great dance night. –Kayla Greet (Sound Artifacts)