May 20, 2019

I saw School of Rock on Broadway awhile back, and some of the songs on this album reminded me of what I heard on stage, except without as many repetitive choruses. The band is talented and plays really well together. The vocalist’s voice sounds like he has a strong musical theatre background. He has great range, but the vocals really stand out against the music, making it hard to focus on the songs as a whole. The lyrics throughout the love songs are endearing, and the backing music reminds me of The Lemonheads. The song titles reinforce the idea of a musical, and titles such as “Home,” “I Wanna Watch TV with You,” and “Where I Belong” sound like the titles of different acts. I imagine “I’ll Be Right Here,” being the closing number of a musical, where the star tells their partner that he is willing to do anything domestic (doing taxes, packing lunches, making dinner, and other housework), to prove devotion. The chorus of “there’s nowhere else that I would rather be” really drives home the wholesomeness of the song, and would be the perfect note to end the production on. –Cynthia Pinedo (