SIN BAD / BAD WIG: Sin Bad Wig: Split: LP

May 20, 2019

Bad Wig: Fun, mostly upbeat punk with distorted vocals and occasional forays into laid-back pop territory, like on the aptly titled “Sludgepop.” Some fuzzed-out, slightly dreamy stuff, with some nice guitar interplay here and there; think of a more chill Tenement and you’re getting there, or even, on something like “No Future,” a little Replacements-y. Huh. Sin Bad: Propulsive pop stuff with Audrey Jennings’ vocals trading off with Ben Woyak’s and reminding me of This Is My Fist or Bridge And Tunnel. The nondescript packaging might have some people skipping over this, but it’s definitely, absolutely worth a listen. Two solid Wisconsin bands, and the sleeper hit of this review batch for me. Recommended if you like the dirty pop stuff. –Keith Rosson (Kitschy Spirit,