SIMPLY SAUCER: Cyborgs Revisited: 2 x LP

May 23, 2018

Here’s an exhaustive double LP compilation of Simply Saucer’s Cyborgs Revisited LP released with a bonus live LP in a really nice gatefold package. A number of different labels have released this over the years, but this In The Red Records double LP vinyl release is really nice. Musically, Simply Saucer are the true definition of ‘70s proto-punk to me; different than some of the other original early punk influencers—in their case as there’s also a healthy dose of kraut-rock-ish weirdness mixed in too. This is the type of release, which, for years has seemed to simmer just below the surface, is slowly gaining a cult following. Now, this record is finally getting a long overdue time to shine. –Mark Twistworthy (In The Red,