SIGNAL CRIMES: Perfidious Albion: LP

Apr 08, 2019

There’s not enough space for me to list all of the bands that members of Signal Crimes have been in so I’ll just mention Four Letter Word, Heresy, and Ripcord to give a flavor of what to expect. So if you’re thinking fast, angry punk rock then you’ve hit the nail firmly on the head. This album is fueled by rage and explodes into life after a well-chosen sample opens the first track. With Welly (F.L.W./Artcore, et cetera.) fronting the band, the lyrical content is always going to be confrontational and that’s evident over the eight tracks. Brexit and the rise of the far right extremism in the U.K. is one of the main targets, specifically on “Rise of the Right.” This is a rock solid record, but unfortunately Signal Crimes is a one-off project—with the band having no intention to play live or make any subsequent recordings—so it’s something to enjoy as a stand-alone piece of work. –Rich Cocksedge (Network Of Friends,