SIEKIERA: Róbrege ’84: 7”

Sep 22, 2023

Well-recorded, gritty live 7” from a 1984 Polish punk festival. The band’s rough and sneering and tough as hell, and while the English translations seem to be missing a few integral points, I’m absolutely amazed at this thing. Poland was under martial law from ’81 to ’83, with troops in the streets, payphones tapped, meathead cops enforcing curfews, the whole thing. So when this band sings about that sort of stuff, it rings way true, and wow, it’s some fierce, powerful stuff. Cannot imagine the energy of being a young kid at a punk festival after having experienced something like that. Very cool artifact here, and rad that these recordings are getting released nearly forty years later. This band’s the real shit. –Keith Rosson (Warsaw Pact)

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