SIEKIERA: Jarocin 84: LP

Mar 15, 2022

A live recording of a performance by the band Siekiera in their native Poland in the year of 1984. The concert took place in the city of Jarocin and was put together by the city’s artistic committee who listened to over 250 tapes and invited thirty-one of those submissions to perform, Siekiera being one of them of course. Side A is a collection of recordings from various radio programs airing the concert live on the air while side B is the band’s seven-song set in its entirety taken from a soundboard. The set has got some bite to it with its affinity for the contemporary UK 82 sound, particularly of bands like Chaos UK and The Exploited. The record is enclosed in a laboriously crafted gatefold and is accompanied by a full size booklet with tons of great photos of the band, flyers, newspaper clippings, et cetera. Buyer beware: there are some parts in at least two of the songs on the first side of this record where the sound unexpectedly drops out and is barely audible. Not sure if this is an error of the pressing plant but it certainly had me checking my needle and cartridge. –Juan Espinosa (Warsaw Pact, [email protected],

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