My copy of this CD came with a cut-and-paste zine with the lyrics, which is a neat addition. This four-piece North Carolina band has a number of songs about sci-fi stuff like Star Trek and Star Wars (“Stormtrooper,” “Jadzia,” “Red Shirt Death”). There’s also a song about their distaste for wearing bras (“Tits Out”). The first time I listened to the song I wasn’t paying attention but the chorus is “No B-R-A! No B-R-A!” on repeat. And I thought they had a problem with the Boston Redevelopment Authority and I was like, “Right on! I’m sick of how they’ve screwed over poor people looking for affordable housing!” Then I read the song title and felt dumb. The general sound is a mix of the Breeders meets garage rock meets occasional folk rock. I never really thought I’d enjoy sci-fi-related music but this is well done and sincere (both with the music and the lyrics). –Kurt Morris (Self-released,