Jan 31, 2018

Right away there’s piercing guitar feedback and a slow build that culminates with sludgy riffs over pounding drums and shrieking vocals about shitty dates. Next is a fuzzed-out track about cat calls. Then a fast paced jam that is equal parts droney, head banger, and revved-up mosh pit. Any of these songs could easily fit right at home on a Hunx And His Punks or L7 record. Halfway through the album I’m already really into this L.A. four piece, so I look them up and all the members are in their early twenties. The level of songwriting and simple, catchy lyrics seems so advanced for a band this young. But not only are the bass and guitar players brothers, but the singer Astrid is the daughter of Jeff McDonald (Redd Kross) and Charlotte Caffey (The Go-Go’s). I mean, that’s some pretty serious punk pedigree right there, but there are plenty of bands that have killer credentials and not even half of the talent these guys do. I definitely hate to make comparisons to bands that are from the same geographic area and are female-fronted, but I’ll be god damned if there’s not remnants of X and Red Aunts in the mix here. Standout track for me is “Guy/Chick” where Astrid sings about being into dudes who feel just as good in a leather jacket as they do in a skirt. Both at the same time is even better! The chorus affirms this with the coupling: “I want a man who can rock my world / I want a man who can be a girl.” And I want a band who can be just like this one. –Kayla Greet (In The Red)