Sid and the Sickos by Abby Kacen

Sid and the Sickos By Abby Kacen, 98 pgs.

Nov 15, 2022

A low-key tale of a few friends and acquaintances hanging out in 2020 during the global pandemic. All the main characters are represented by non-human creatures (i.e.: Martian, ghost, skeleton, and bat) in Dogwood City where all the non-mains look like boring normal people. The fact these ghastly creatures are roaming the streets is never brought up. Our main character, Adi (Martian), is very impulsive and indecisive, which leads her to consistently hook up with her old friend Les (skeleton). When Les is not in the sheets with Adi, he’s pining over his ex.

Adi often makes bad decisions but is by no means a crappy person. The only one affected by her actions is herself. We see her spiral into sadness a few times. Les is sort of a literal and figurative bonehead who keeps getting wrapped up in his own mistakes as well. And when these two aren’t in a questionable relationship, they’re playing in a band with Sid (bat) and Slick (ghost), who just seem to be chill-ass, spooky things who just wanna play music and hang.

The book is a collection of webcomics originally posted without planning and was edited a bit to give it more structure. There are some tangled romances, skeleton sex scenes, drug use, pandemic boredom, and the usual shenanigans from twenty-something alternative types living in the city.

The artwork is nice and all the characters are kinda cute. They somehow seem even cuter when they’re wearing face coverings. Kacen does a great job shading with a couple of solid pen strokes. It’s a good style. This is definitely worth picking up. I’ll be snagging the second collection, whenever that happens. –Rick V. (