Jan 25, 2023

Listen: Drew Owen is a fucking genius. The dude has been churning out records—all recorded himself—for over a decade (and he’s only twenty-five). Using multiple monikers, this dude pumps out records at alarming rate. Easiest comparison is Jay Reatard, both sonically and for the output (let’s hope not for the extracurricular activities) alone. Sick Thoughts is probably the real home for Drew and the past blown-out, lo-fi savagery is still evident here, but he has “matured,” if that’s the word to use. The recording is crisper, thicker, and he even throws in a couple of post three-minute sleaze rockers. Don’t panic. There’s enough frenetic energy to keep all you drug-addled garage scuzzbuckets happy. Here’s the thing: in the DIY/any fucker can do it world of punk rock, there are still genuine genius songwriters: Jeff Burke from Marked Men/Radioactivity as case in point, and another in Drew Owen. The dude is a songwriter. He knows how to write motherfucking hits. Not sure where to file this, but think Carbonas, Reatards, Marked Men, Reds or any of the other weirdo lo-fi fuckedupness that the mighty Total Punk puts out—one of my current fave labels who always deliver. I dig all this guy’s gear, but this the best yet. –Tim Brooks (Total Punk,

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