SHORT ORDER: Neighborhood Creeps: 7”

Dec 06, 2019

This band can fuck off. Their song “Cischarge,” which they probably thought was clever, opens with the lines “fixated on what you’re called, P.C. army persecutes.” Then they continue to rail against the injustice of being labeled cisgender by trans folks who just want to label everyone. They conclude with “I don’t care what your gender is, let’s just fuckin’ party!” Trans folks do wanna party, but it can get tough what with boneheads assaulting and murdering and a government literally taking away their civil rights. Oh, but yeah, I can see how being innocuously labeled cis so that there’s a counterpart term for trans could be a real party pooper huh? Fuuuuuck off. Stop putting out records and taking space away from people who give a shit. –Emma Alice Johnson (Tasteful Nudes,