SHOES FANZINE #8: INTERVIEWS OLD & NEW, $3, free to prisoners, 5½” x 8½”, copied, 71 pgs.

Sep 26, 2018

Vancouver punk, Nate—whom you might know from great bands like Siren Songs, Poor Form, and Unfun—dropped this zine full of interviews and you’re really going to want to get it. Each interview is with people who are friends with Nate, so the tone is relaxed and casual. This also gives him the advantage of knowing what’s interesting about his subjects and drawing that out. With Karmin, he has her talk about sailing the Pacific Ocean, a quixotic seven month, 8,600 mile trip she took with her father. They barely escaped with their lives during a lightning storm. For the thrills, this harrowing tale was by far my favorite interview. Nate’s childhood buddy, Will, talks about organizing Anti-Racist Action in Sarnia, Ontario in the nineties. He talks to Matt Hern, author of What Is a City for: Remaking the Politics of Displacement and other titles about gentrification and rises above the same tired conversation that’s usually had about it. Shellshag talk about their history in the San Francisco punk scene, 50 Million, Hickey and more. And with Cometbus, he recycles questions he asked him from an interview in 1999, then he prints his current answer and the one from way back then. –Craven Rock (Nate/Shoes Fanzine, PO Box 88023, Chinatown, Vancouver, BC V6A 4A4, [email protected])