SHIVA BURLESQUE: Mercury Blues + Skullduggery: 2 x CD

Nov 15, 2022

The second, and final, album by the band that would soon become Grant Lee Buffalo gets a reissue some twenty-two years after its initial release. It’s still as blissfully hard to categorize as ever—equal parts acoustic, electric, post-punk, psychedelic, gothic, folk, epic, intimate, beautiful, and unsettling, often all at the same time—and exemplifies a time when a variety of bands were pushing at the edges of Los Angeles’s underground on a variety of fronts. In addition to the album being remastered and some of the great packaging I.P.R. has long put into their releases, you also get a second CD’s worth of additional tunes and demos, all previously unreleased. Good stuff, head to toe. –Jimmy Alvarado (Independent Project)