Mar 15, 2022

Existing for only a handful of years and only two EPs and a full length to their name, the Shitdogs from Baton Rouge were clearly influenced by the first wave of punk and Nuggets-style rock’n’roll although perhaps not articulated as well as other bands. This cassette combines two of their EPs, one on each side. Side A features their 1981 double 7” Present the History of Cheese, while on side B is their You Bet! 7” from that same year. There’s a Ramones-esque simplicity to the songs and a snotty rock’n’roll attitude, much like The Kids from Belgium. I even detect hints of new wave and garage rock in songs like “Can Opener” and “Flippin’ Burgers.” Original copies of this record go for those ridiculous KBD prices so if you’re curious about the songs you can check them out on this affordable cassette version or you can spend your rent money on the originals. –Juan Espinosa (Last Laugh,

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