SHIT: What Do You Stand For: LP

Sep 17, 2018

A true return to form for this Toronto hardcore band. If you, like me, felt let down by their last 7” then you owe it to them and yourself to give them another chance because this LP is an absolute smoker from front to back. Imagine every classic international ’80s hardcore band and drop all your notions about how those bands should sound. This is like if Wretched had a drummer who could play on time, if Gauze had fully embraced their noisier side, if Ratos De Porão had kept playing punk instead of leaning into their metal influences. The thing about this band is they now know exactly when to put the pedal all the way down and they still keep that intensity when they back off to midtempo riffs. Fantastic art, as expected from the curators at Iron Lung. –Ian Wise (Iron Lung,