SHIT KNIFE: Self-titled: LP

Jan 21, 2022

Based on the band name and some of the song lengths here, I was pretty much expecting thrash-o-rama to rule the roost, but no. The opener, “Modern Mennonite,” starts off on a bit of a college rock bent, albeit slightly askew, and things just kinda devolve in odd, noisy ways from there. When they play it straight (or straight for them, I reckon), there’s still an eccentric sensibility that permeates what they’re doing. By the time they get to the closer, “Show Me the Doll,” I’m grinning at the thought of them clearing rooms of perplexed punk purists in much the same way early Meat Puppets or Mighty Sphincter did in the past and thanking the punk gods that Arizona is still home to bands that like to keep it a bit weird. –Jimmy Alvarado (Midtown Island,

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