SHELLSHAG: 18 Sycamore: 2 x LP

So this is a whole big thing. The band refers to this double LP as a soundtrack, and it appears to accompany a band-made movie of the same title as part of a visual album release. I don’t think the movie part is out yet, but if the lyrical content of the album is any indication, it’s sort of a nostalgic band retrospective. I know Shellshag has a history of ambitious and over-the-top productions (episodes of the band’s wacky webseries Shellshonic Shag-O-Vision are available on the Starcleaner website, for example), so this release should fit right in with their catalogue. The album itself is pretty lo-fi and de-fuzzed compared to past Shellshag albums I’ve heard, with each record offering a collection of stripped-down solo-ish songs from the two members. Pretty cool for fans of these DIY stalwarts—can anyone talk about Shellshag without using the phrase “DIY stalwarts”? –Indiana Laub (Starcleaner, [email protected],