Sep 22, 2016

Every single time I put on the EP, my heart jumps and swells a little. Every single song is utter perfection and there is no one out there like Sheer Mag. (Okay, I could be wrong. I’d love to be wrong. Show me the light if I’m wrong.) They’ve been called DIY classic rock and I’m into that. The instruments come together to form the perfect mix of poppy hooks and riffs you would find in the best classic rock with themes and—care of singer Christina Halladay—a big, semi-distorted, punk voice. Icing: within every song there’s an uplifting, often political, message with zero to little cheese. From urges to keep fighting the good fight(s) to a love song that also does double duty as an anthem for independence, you can’t lose. Also, so good to dance to. –Nicole X (Static Shock,