Sep 22, 2016

From a genesis involving a rehearsal cassette dating from their earliest days comes this, the band’s second full-length (not counting Volume II—which is listed on the website as an EP and I’m not in the mood to argue—or the assorted collections of previously released material). The content is comprised of modern re-recordings of tracks originally existing solely on demos and comps or have not otherwise previously seen the light of day, and lemme cut to the chase: this mutha’s a doozy. The recording production is, dare I say, the best the band’s ever sounded in-studio; their potent mix of muscly beach punk and Orange County thug-pop flat-out rages, and songs that were marginally interesting in previous incarnations shine here as some of the best tracks. Having considered myself a fan for a lot longer than many reading this have likely existed without being attached to an umbilical cord, I’d easily put this up in the number two spot on a “crucial” list, right after the six legendary tracks Posh Boy released in various incarnations way back when. Yes, kids, it’s that goddamned good. –Jimmy Alvarado (Hostage,

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