SHATTERBOX: Strung Out on the Line: LP

Jul 25, 2018

Shatterbox released Strung Out on the Line in ‘81 with handmade jackets adorned with spray paint and glued-on images. The album rides the good line of tough-sounding power pop and L.A.M.F. punk. It’s hard to believe there are still albums of this quality out there being unearthed. The guitar playing utilizes all the rock’n’roll that hung from the trees in the ‘70s. The band can spin a chorus. There are loads of solid back-ups with attitude-laced harmonies. The New York Dolls’ Mercer Street Sessions opened my eyes at a young age to how tough a jaded harmony can sound. The title track of this album really captures the bored delivery that makes rock’n’roll seem sometimes so effortless. “Anytime” also contains one of those choruses that sticks with you. There are loads of angst-ridden lyrics about partying and where they live. It’s essential if you ride the power pop/punk line. –Billups Allen (Dig)