Jan 21, 2022

If these guys are trying to win a prize for the most baffling product packaging of the twenty-first century, I like their chances. Initially, I thought this was some manner of compilation featuring artists from the Sharptone Records roster. After some research, I found that there’s a metalcore label called Sharptone Records that’s been in business since 2013, but this record doesn’t appear to be on that label. There was a tiny logo on the back that said “BLUE ECHO,” so I searched on that. Blue Echo is a self-proclaimed “musical collective” built around Dan Garcia (ex-the Matchheads, Killed By Death 8½), and, if you follow their link, it leads to a digital version of this album where the artist is called “Blue Echo” and the album is self-titled. However, this record says “Sharptone Records” on the cover, and it says “Sharptone Records” on the label, so fuck it, I am calling these guys “Sharptone Records” and not Blue Echo, and if they don’t like it they can figure out how to make an album cover that makes some fucking sense. As far as the music buried underneath the trainwreck packaging goes, I like it. It seems like ex-punk guys making non-punk music, much of it ’60s-based, which suits me fine: “Dream of You” steals the intro from the Beatles’ “There’s a Place”; “I Can’t Complain” obviously swipes from the Who’s “Can’t Explain.” Thus, I think these guys are making decent music, but, fuckin’-A, get it together, packaging-wise! BEST SONG & TITLE: “I Can’t Complain.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Recorded in three time zones! –Rev. Nørb (Blue Echo,