SHAME: Food for Worms: LP

May 15, 2023

The latest album by Shame is their third full-length and most mature. The ten songs clock in at forty-three minutes and showcase the band playing music that sounds influenced by everything from The Fall to Fugazi to much of anything else in the post-punk genre. However, Food for Worms marks a change of delivery for vocalist Charlie Steen. On these songs, he’s singing more than barking and yelling as he did previously. The band recorded this album live in the studio. In doing so, they create an organic and fresh sound that matches the energy the band displays in their live performances. Also, Shame has written some of their catchiest songs yet on tracks like “Six Pack” (which is not a Black Flag cover), “Yankees,” and “Alibis.” The ballad “Adderall” is a sensitive look at a friend stuck in drug addiction. The closer, “All the People,” has a great build throughout its almost six-minute run time. But really, every track is engaging and memorable. Previous Shame albums have been in my top five favorite albums of their respective years, and I have no doubt Food for Worms will end up on that list for 2023. –Kurt Morris (Dead Oceans)

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