SEX STAINS: Self-titled: LP

Jan 18, 2017

Jesus, I gotta get out more often. The fact that these cats and I share the same geographic locale and, despite seeing they’re playing all over the place, I’ve not seen them once is goddamned embarrassing. Devastating post-post-punk here—aggressive without being “hardcore,” slinky in all the right places (check out “Oh No (Say What),” which has to be destined to live through the ages as some sort of anthem), experimental without being pretentious, stompin’ when the urge arises, and flat-out infectious (I fuggin’ dare you to listen to “Who Song Love Song” and not have it embed itself in your noggin) in all the best ways. Yeah, I’ve heard the hype and didn’t really expect much as a result, but goddamn, this is some good tuneage. –Jimmy Alvarado (Don Giovanni)

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