SEX SNOBS: Emotional Stuffing: LP

Jan 31, 2018

As advertised in the album’s title, Oklahoma City’s Sex Snobs deliver songs that cut straight to the bone in their ability to translate twenty-first century existential angst into independent punk rock gems. Sometimes the singer sounds as if he is up on his toes screaming into the microphone with every last atom of his being. At other times, he sounds like he is collapsed in the corner, the microphone forced into his hand, and his bandmates are moving his lips up and down with their hands, willing him to spend what little energy he has to finish the song. Lyrically, my favorite track here is “Problems with Math,” but there are nine out of nine decent songs on the record. The album is engineered by someone named Steve Albini. He’s done some other stuff. –Jon Mule (High Dive,