SEX PRISONER: Tannhauser Gate: CS

Sep 20, 2017

Cassette pressing of Sex Prisoner’s 2016 powerhouse LP. It’s a pretty crushing record that straddles the line between powerviolence and jock hardcore pretty heavily; it’s like Weekend Nachos but with more emphasis on the breakdowns. I don’t guess that’s necessarily a bad thing, but as a fan of their 7”s I loved how raw and unhinged they sounded and this moves in a different direction. I do like that they decided not to try and fill out a powerviolence LP with drawn-out sludge parts or electronic interludes like so many bands before them, but I’m not sure I’m really feeling the breakdowns, either. If you ever wanted to hear a Crossed Out/Xibalba hybrid, than this blood’s for you. –Ian Wise (To Live A Lie,