May 23, 2018

A strong contender for most consistently good modern day powerviolence band, Phoenix’s Sex Prisoner continue to serve big heapings of whoop ass. No Comment, Suppression, Despise You are a way of life, my friends, and Sex Prisoner know it. My only complaint is that their offerings are too short to be on a 12”. Harm Done start the pit with an extreme-music blitz akin to the madness previously encapsulated on Converge’s Forever Comes Crashing. If you’re keen on metalcore, grindcore, and powerviolence then it’s safe to say they’ve got you covered. Worthy of repeat listens but watch out for that mischievous locked groove on Harm Done’s side of the split: I lost a record player once because the platter’s motor gave out after I left the house not knowing there was a locked groove on an Isis record. Fairly warned be thee, says I. –Juan Espinosa (Deep Six, / To Live A Lie,