SEWER TROUT: Meet the Sewer Trout: LP

Mar 10, 2023

This record loudly and repeatedly trumpets the fact that it is “the complete Sewer Trout discography,” but I seem to remember a CD from about a quarter century ago that had about twice as many songs on it, and therefore I am concerned that I am being slickered by more knowledgeable parties, which wouldn’t be a first. Be that as it may, I think most of us recognize Sewer Trout as being one of the original crop of Gilman Street/Lookout/Very Small Records bands. It’s relatively easy to picture their name written in David Hayes’s stylish hand in an old fanzine ad. What’s a little more difficult—for me, anyway—is remembering exactly what it was that they did as a band. When I try to recall what, precisely, they did, my memories are usually vague recollections of them having a song (can’t remember the song) on a comp (can’t remember the comp) on a label (Lookout? Or was it Very Small?). Ergo, I can’t really say that their output cast an outsized shadow outside of Northern California and will be celebrated forever in song and story. I can, however, state with some assurance that this was one of the bands that made the ’90s happen, and the ’90s were good, so therefore they, in fact, will be celebrated forever in song and story, so nice work. Pop punk from back when pop punk was still getting (re) invented and was more about playing punk poppily than it was about synthesizing a clever hook in a bedroom laboratory. Fish on! BEST SONG: “Vagina Envy.” BEST SONG TITLE: “Frieda Ripped My Flesh.” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Insert by Chris Applegren, yet features absolutely no Futura whatsoever. –Rev. Nørb (Lava Socks / Dead Broke)

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