Jan 30, 2019

Self-described as playing “angry and ugly music,” Sewer Trench hits the nail right on the head. What is incongruous is the title of the album, which seems at odds with that description and the majority of the songs contained therein. I can’t imagine anyone ever listening to a track called “Crippled Dying Fetus” and coming away with a spring in their step. That aside, Sewer Trench plays sludgy hardcore with mainly unintelligible vocals, which requires the help of a lyric sheet to keep on top of proceedings. I really have to be in the right mood to delve into this strand of hardcore and have listened to this at times when I’ve been receptive to it and also times when it has grated a bit. Ironically, my favorite song on here is titled “Happy”! –Rich Cocksedge (WOOAAARGH, [email protected])