Sewer Buddies play “comedic children’s punk music,” but I’m skeptical of how much kids would dig these songs. The seasoned punk listener shouldn’t have any trouble making out the lyrics, but they are obscured by the usual punk rock guitar distortion. Thus, I imagine kids not quite latching on to this. It would have been difficult for me, anyway. When I was a little crumbcrusher and I wanted to hear “Three little fishes,” I wanted to hear how they “swam and they swam right over the dam.” Like, audibly. This puts me in a weird position of questioning whether this band reaches their intended audience while, at the same time, acknowledging how much it slaps. The guitar riffs are spare, rough, and blend perfectly with Lindsey Loogie’s fast and loose drumming and punchy, shouted vocals. So, if you want to rock a badass punk band and can hang with cute, G-rated lyrics about unicorns, snowballs, and the boogie man, this comes highly recommended. And, hell, what do I know? Kids will probably love it, too. After all, this is their fifth release. They’d probably have thrown in the towel by now if the kids weren’t digging it. –Craven Rock (