SETH ANDERSON: Self-titled: LP

May 23, 2018

The first track, “More Than Killers,” quietly sneaks into being and sets a mellow tone for the record, though the rest of the songs are much more than just Anderson and his acoustic. There’s a soft sweetness to his voice which also carries a bit of gravel and twang. By track two the pacing is kicked up a notch or two and by the third he’s incorporated a warm bass to round out the sound. Later in the record we get piano, organ, a dobro resonator guitar, and a multitude of instruments and harmonies from Joey Cape. The songs that Anderson brings forth are earnest and contain a lyrical deftness to them. Even when he hits the listener with age old ballads of falling in love, I’m swept up with lines like, “The rain fell hard just like your fists,” and, “Tonight we’re gonna go from friends to others,” both found in “Pheromone.” The impetus of Joey Cape’s One Week Records is that an artist or band spends seven days in his studio and walks out with a fully fleshed out album. It’s clear from these ten tracks that Anderson used his time well. I recommend getting the vinyl version as the clicks and pops from the needle on wax continues to add atmosphere to these songs. –Kayla Greet (One Week, / Little Rocket,