Mar 22, 2017

The insanely prolific noisecore duo of SSS unleashes forty-five more blasts of wound-up noise upon the listening public (housed in fantastic art from Rudolfo da Silva). Slightly more musical than someone like Sore Throat, but not too much. Think of the music as a drill that just goes at you, in blasts under a minute. The first side is, more or less, straightforward noisecore, whereas the second side is sort of like low grade free jazz with just drums and vocals. The drums bang and clang. Sometimes there’s a groove and they both will lock in together over a chant of “cocksucker” or a sputtering and stuttering “You Fucking Dick!!!” Noisecore fans will laps this up. Everyone else will shake their heads in bewilderment. I go back and forth about noisecore, but with the fucked up mess of a world these days, I find putting this on helps shut out the bullshit a little more. Noisecore is sometimes sublime when the outside world is just obnoxious noise. –Matt Average (SPHC,