SETBACKS: Oceans Apart: CD

Sep 20, 2017

Were this released some twenty years ago, it might have been caught in the wide net of major label success that snatched up that ‘90s sound and elevated them to arena rock. This band would make sense opening for A Wilhelm Scream and The Offspring at the same show. They’re powerful, loud, melodic, and fucking fast. One guitar fluctuates between gritty pick slide tones and huge hi-fi riffs ala Thin Lizzy, while the other one flutters along the fret board, hitting an insane amount of notes. I feel like the bass gets buried in the production, but their drummer is like a caffeinated humming bird, to the point where you’re nodding along to the back beat ‘cause there’s just too many hits to keep up with. Vocally, the lead singer wavers between Fat Mike and Chris Hannah for me. Honestly, I had judged this band by the packaging before I hit play. The artwork looks like it should be the cover for an early aughts electronic band (and two of the members thank god in the liner notes, to which I let out an audible “Really?”). So here I was thinking I was getting a punk-influenced EDM record givin’ it up to a sky spirit (obviously put your faith wherever you think is best, I just chose atheism), and I got something totally different. While it’s not something I’d put into heavy rotation, I bet it could make for a great workout record. –Kayla Greet (Morning Wood)