SERQET: Oleander: 7”

Apr 08, 2019

It takes a minute for the A side to get going, but once it kicks into the anarcho punk groove it all comes together. The vocals sear over everything else, the drums are mixed louder than the guitars, and the synths run the show. This is one of those records that sounds new, but if you found it in some old record bin you wouldn’t be able to place it in an era. They’re pretty firmly stuck in the death rock/anarcho punk sound on the A side, but do it so well it’s got this timeless quality to it. The B side plays with a more lush arrangement, pulling out some elements of shoegaze and even early Brit-pop. I love bands that are able to incorporate elements of different sounds but still sound cohesive and organic, which these folks do very well. –Ian Wise (Vinyl Conflict, vinyl