Jan 30, 2019

Two of the band’s albums—Twitch of the Death Nerve and Fodder for the Apocalypse—collected on one CD for your convenience. Sound is straight up speed metal (sorry, this here grumpy old fucker doesn’t use the term “thrash metal” ’cause the first word [along with “mosh,” which derived from the Bad Brains’ fake Jamaican-accented pronunciation of the word “mash” and was not the name of the dance to which it is now applied, but I digress] was co-opted from punks and dumbfuck historians now have no recollection of that fact) circa 1986, with a lot of Slayer and a shit-ton of Sodom in the mix. Beats are fast ‘n’ frenzied, guitars a-chuggin’ hard and, with song titles like “Whore of God,” “Family Annihilator” and “Swear on Satan,” I’m betting their e-vile bent is not without a tongue planted firmly in cheek. –Jimmy Alvarado (Ukulele Horror,