SELF-EVIDENT: Lost Inside the Machinery: CD

May 20, 2019

The hype sticker is in Japanese so that doesn’t help me too much in this case. There is a helpful “RIYL” sentence (for the lazy reviewer) at the bottom that name checks Faraquet, Jawbox, Traindodge, Shiner, Karate, Fugazi, Slint, Shellac, Don Caballero, and The Jesus Lizard. Self-Evident mines the math rock field, without a doubt. Their sound winds around your listening ears like a sinewy snake looking for lunch. The theme seems to be: is technology becoming too powerful? Is it taking over humanity? Will robots overtake our individuality? Answers probably won’t come over a cup of coffee, but you could start here. –Sean Koepenick (Stiff Slack,