Self-Empunishment By Brian Walsby, 444 pgs.

Dec 03, 2020

You probably know Brian Walsby’s art even if you don’t know his name: think about the cover of Walk Together, Rock Together. Or maybe you know his work through his self-published Manchild comics, or T-shirts he does for Bifocal Media —Walsby has a recognizable style. His art is showcased at the beginning of each chapter of Self-Empunishment in the form of portraits of each of the dozens of musicians and artists he interviews. These chats—nominally about how the interviewees make a living, though they pleasantly veer all over the place—are a who’s who of heavy hitters from the scene. Walsby knows people like Lori Barbero and Keith Morris and Eugene Robinson through his time in bands (like Scared Straight) and selling merch for the Melvins, so the discussions read like chats between friends more than stilted we-just-met conversations. Fans of the folks herein won’t recognize any of the material from previous interviews because of Walsby’s familiarity with his subjects, just what anyone reading an interview—or a book of them—wants. This book is a goddamn tome and is worth your time and attention. It surprises on most every page. –Michael T. Fournier (Pelekenesis,